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Has your agency registered as a travel partner user at You'll need to do this before registering for e-docs. Just visit the agents' section of, register as an active agency then visit here to register your agency's e-docs preferences. Only your agency's designated administrator (owner/manager) can make these adjustments for your office.

Please note this facility is currently not available for UK/Ireland Agencies.

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Agent Registration

Please contact your agency owner/manager to see if your agency already has an account with If one has been setup, simply ask your agency owner/manager to set you up with your own username and password and you'll be on your way!

If you are expericencing technical problems, we want to help and we are just a phone call away. Please contact our External Systems Support (Automated Support Desk) at 1.866.625.1160 to speak with an NCL Representative. UK/Ireland Agencies please contact our Systems Support desk on 0207 591 8072 or email for technical assistance

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